Length: 1500-2000 words

Write an essay taking the “for” or “against” side of any current issue. Assume that the reader has feelings opposite to yours and attempt to persuade the reader to adopt your point of view. You will do this by making a strong THESIS statement at the beginning and supporting that idea with at least 4 REASONS:

Reason + evidence
Reason +evidence
Reason + evidence
Reason + evidence


Choose a topic which is of interest to you and has plenty of scholarly research available. Narrow your topic down as much as you can—your paper will be more persuasive that way. Present a PRESCRIPTIVE thesis (what should/shouldn’t be), not a descriptive one (what is/isn’t).


Use at least eight quotations from at least eight outside sources to illustrate and defend your thesis. Wikipedia is not a source. These must be chosen from at least three of the following categories.

Periodical (magazine or journal) Television program

Daily newspaper Government publication

Book (limit 2) Live lecture

Other Internet source Pamphlet


Cite your sources using the MLA or APA style of documentation as shown in Rules for Writers. Give parenthetical references within your text and include a “Reference” list at the end of the paper with full publication data on each source.

The topic is: Is studying abroad good or bad for you. For the essay I am pursuing that it is good for you. Use the sources attached below. I need it in 5 days by at least 11:50 pm.