essay about yourself (family, studies and social activities and achievements), what
what do you know about VDMI, why should VDMI choose you?
become a scholarship recipient, what do you expect if you are selected as
scholarship recipients, and what will you do for society afterwards
finished receiving a scholarship and graduated from college.

Minimum 1.5 A4 pages, Letters:
Palatino Linotype, size 11, and spaced 1
for information about me.
My name is Eclesia Putry Arisati Damanik, I am a 2nd semester student from the Faculty of Cultural Sciences majoring in tourism. I was born in Tangerang, March 28, 2003 and I am the eldest of 2 siblings, my address is Jl Gurila Selatan, Siantar Sitalasari. both my parents are just farmers and i hope i can receive this scholarship to lighten the burden of my parents. Regarding my organization, I have not entered due to the unfavorable Covid conditions as well as achievement, but at the time I was in high school, I was one of the students of excellence.