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When you place an order with us, you know you will have a private writer working with you side-by-side. That ensures that your project will be done the way you want it and all instructions will be adequately followed. Moreover, Customessaymeister.com is not a typical freelancing site that you can hire people on. Such companies provide no warranty and you will be left alone one-on-one with the freelancer if the work doesn’t go the right way. We provide the best of both worlds. You can enjoy the flexibility of working with a private writer but can always count on great support and our company’s guarantees in the difficult times. We guarantee: A professional, highly educated and experienced team of writers who are dedicated to making you succeed. A custom written essay done entirely from scratch especially customized to meet your needs. A solid guarantee that you will receive a paper which is 100% plagiarism-free. When you choose to trust our essay writing services, you will receive an authentic custom written essay done as per your specific guidelines. With us, you never have to worry about poor quality and missed deadlines. We want you to feel confident when you rely on us with your needs. When you hand over your essay writing needs to us, you can be sure that your paper is in capable hands with a team of exceptionally qualified professional writers. When you order an essay through our site, you can have confidence in the fact that you are buying services that are fully customized and genuine..

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Essay Writing Service

We all know that writing a custom essay writing requires extensive reading and research that can be highly time-consuming. Your time is precious and we understand that you have other commitments that demand your attention. Keeping this in mind, we designed this site to cater to you needs so you can save valuable time on other areas of your life that require attention such as work, family, and other personal obligations. We aren’t just an essay writing service, we are a service that strives to make your life easier and more efficient.

Your satisfaction is our top priority and is 100% guaranteed. We offer a real solution to your essay writing problems and constantly strive to work with you so you can take a step closer to your long-term dreams and ambitions

Why are we the best choice?

We are your best choice because we are more than just an essay writing service. We are an essay writing service that treats you as an individual rather than a nameless and faceless customer. Every aspect of our company is tailored to personalization. We believe that each client has unique needs. When you order an essay with us, your project is given to a real writer who you can work with to ensure your goals are met. If you have a busy schedule and are unable to manage your assignments and essays, we are here for you. Step out of the box and trust an essay writing service that will treat you like the individual you are

Dissertation Writing Service

Ask for dissertation help

Don't be afraid to ask for help. Writing a dissertation is tough. That said, our writers have the kind of experience needed. We can play as minimal a role as you need or we can tackle the project from start to finish - from literature reviews to developing a topic to collecting and analyzing data - dissertation help has never been easier to find.

Finally, don't forget we offer a full range of academic writing services - from term papers to annotated bibliographies to capstone projects. We can also put the finishing touches on a project you've already written. We can quickly and accurately proof, edit and revise at any stage of the writing process. Many of our clients have run out of time and still have other aspects to consider, though they know it needs a solid proofreading effort. Contact our customer service team for more information on any of these services.

One Step at a Time

It's all about the process and taking it one step at a time. Let your research guide you instead of you steering it and you'll discover not only a smoother process, but a more accurate and detailed dissertation. And if you're overwhelmed, remember you have professional and educated writers waiting to provide assistance in any way you need. Give us a call, drop us a line or start an instant chat. Our team members are standing by to answer any questions or to provide assistance as you upload your requirements.

Proofreading and Editing  Service

What does an essay editor do?

We have capable essay editors that can do the following for you and your paper:

  1. Proofread for punctuation and other stylistic errors. Our essay editor will determine if your essay correctly follows the rules of English grammar and will make sure that your paper is completely grammatically correct.
  2. Spelling errors. In addition to making sure that your paper is grammatically correct, our essay editors will make sure that it is free of spelling errors. As well, our editors will make sure that all words within the paper are used correctly thus making it flows better.
  3. Rewriting services. Sometimes, your essay may be in need of a major rewrite and needs to be expanded on as well as reworded. Our essay editors can help with rewriting the paper while still making sure that your voice and writing style shine through.

How can our Essay Editors Help?

Out essay editors are experts who have helped thousands of students just like you perfect their essays and achieve academic excellence. They have years of experience with making sure each student gets the essay they envision. After our essay editor looks over your essay and corrects it according to your specifications, you are free to request further changes. Our professional essay editors will work with you until your essay is near perfect. You may need an essay editor if you’re short on time or lack the expertise to take your essay to the next level. Sometime putting ideas down on paper is more difficult than it seems. The words and ideas may be in your head but for some reason you cannot express them as well as you would like. That is where our essay editors can help. They can help you express and perfect your ideas without making it seem that the paper is not your own. Everyone needs some help sometimes and that is exactly why we are here. We understand the importance of confidentiality as well. You’ll never have to worry that your essay will end up on the net or resold. Once you get your essay back from our essay editor, you can be sure that it is yours to keep and will be plagiarism free.

Research Paper Writing  Service

Research paper writing is challenging, even for the best writers. It requires a block of time that many college students are hesitant to commit to; there are family events, work and other school commitments that we don’t want to or cannot miss out on. Then there are the logistics that are just part of the research paper writing process. Either way, it’s one of the less than pleasant aspects of college for many students.

Clients have come to rely on us for all of their custom essay, dissertation and research paper writing projects. We’re proud to say they return to us, time and again, with their assignments. Many have preferred writers who they’ve come to trust with their research paper writing and there are those who have a varied class schedule and they know one writer does well for their literature needs while another one of our writers provides flowing explanations of scientific methods and theories.

Writing Services

When you place an order with us, you know you will have a private writer working with you side-by-side. That ensures that your project will be done the way you want it and all instructions will be adequately followed. Moreover, Customessaymeister.com is not a typical freelancing site that you can hire people on. Such companies provide no warranty and you will be left alone one-on-one with the freelancer, if the work doesn’t go the right way. We provide the best of both worlds. You can enjoy the flexibility of working with a private writer but can always count on great support and our company’s guarantees in the difficult times.

Writing Services (academic) / Coursework

  • Essays
  • Research papers
  • Book reports
  • Reaction papers
  • Article review/critique
  • Artwork critique
  • Movie review
  • Annotated bibliography
  • Case studies
  • Speech
  • Poem
  • Capstone projects
  • Lab report

Writing Services (academic) / Admission

  • Admission essays
  • Applications
  • Personal statement

Dissertation Services (academic)

  • Theses
  • Dissertations

Writing Services (professional)

  • Product / service reviews
  • Business plans
  • Marketing research
  • Grant proposals
  • Powerpoint presentations

Other coursework services

  • Quantitative projects: Statistics
  • Quantitative projects: Math, Algebra, Calculus
  • Quantitative projects: Corporate Finance, Accounting

Other services

  • Editing
  • Proofreading


Our firm provides help with writing any type of essay out there: (KEYWORD LIST) critical essay, definition essay, 5 paragraph essay, compare and contrast essay, argumentative essay, expository essay, example essay, personal essay, descriptive essay. Every essay assignment calls for some light research (if needed at all), and of course, a great deal of personal input. Our writers can write an essay of any type on any level (secondary school through Ph. D.) and on absolutely any subject imaginable, no exceptions made.

Term Papers and Research Papers

A term paper (or a research paper) is a more serious assignment that requires not only personal input but also a significant portion of thorough, meticulously conducted research underlying the paper’s core. If you have decided what the topic will be and can provide us with the project guidelines, that’s all we really need – the writer will conduct the research for you. S/he will use the library as well as the Internet to locate relevant sources and will do the literature review to establish a strong foundation for your research paper. The rest is to compare and contrast the views of various authors with the personal take of the writer. Even if you have a hard time coming up with the right topic or thesis statement, you can order this service and our writers will prepare several suggestions that you will be able to choose from to get the process started. If there are specific resources that the writer must stick to, it is imperative that you specify that in your request. Most reading materials can be sent directly to our writers. Sources that are up to 100 pages in length such as articles, journals, textbook chapters, reviews, graphics, charts, etc. can either be faxed or scanned and then uploaded via our site’s on-line Customer Service Center. Longer sources will be accessed through libraries and on-line databases.

Book Reports

We assist with book reports, article critiques, movie reviews and similar projects. All you have to do is place your order and specify what you need reviewed. If you have a book to review, the writer will read the book as well as cliff notes/summaries and will weave a well-balanced report using direct quotes from the source, if needed. Our writers will be able to locate your book through a library or internet-based book stores. If you have an article to review, you will need to fax the article at our toll-free fax number or scan it and upload directly to the writer via our site. Movie reviews are handled in a similar fashion. The writer will watch the movie and read summaries available on-line to start the report.

Case Studies

We assist with case studies in almost all fields of study as well as many professional areas: art, anthropology, accounting, business administration, history, literature, natural sciences, philosophy, psychology, public relations, . You will have a qualified professional study the case and answer the accompanying questions in writing, adhering to the guidelines you supplied in the order. We will require that you send us the case study by faxing it to our toll-free number or upload a scanned version or a text file.

Applications and Admission Essays

An application or admission essay is a personal essay that has two characteristics. Number one, it has to clearly state your goal addressing questions such as what you want to do, why, where, and what you have already done to be able to do that. The other requirement is that it must be flawless. We have qualified writers capable of writing such pieces on a professional level, meaning that their works will not only be an interesting read but also, more importantly, will yield the results you are pursuing. For this project, we will need to have some relevant personal information that will help create a powerful admission essay. While filling out the order form, please try to tell us as much as possible, however, it is not a big deal if you overlook something. Your writer will get in touch with you and ask any necessary questions that are likely arise in the course of writing.

Artwork Critique

You can order a written critique of any artwork (painting, statue, LIST), whether it is a renowned masterpiece known to the world or some unknown work that you need to have a professional review of. We will ask you for a photograph of the artwork which can be e-mailed/faxed directly to our experts for study and review. The best way to transmit that information is to upload an image file via our site’s customer service center (we accept files of any size in all graphic formats). In addition, you can specify the desired length and structure of the review. A tentative outline would be of help, however, if you have a hard time coming up with one, you can just place your order and the writer will help you develop the structure.

Theses and Dissertations

A thesis (or a dissertation) is a very serious research work, normally, the culmination of one’s extensive research, which, in fact, may take years as in the case with doctoral programs. We assist with thesis preparation in all fields of study and on all levels, no matter if it is a relatively short undergraduate thesis required by your particular institution or a full-length doctoral dissertation. Even though you have done the research and spent months studying the subject matter, putting together a thesis or a dissertation is something you can entrust to our professional writers and researchers. For one thing, they will save you a great deal of time typing, structuring, formatting and polishing the document to make it flawless. For another, they can expand on the research you have already conducted in the course of your study to enrich the content of your thesis.

Powerpoint Presentations

You can order a Powerpoint Presentation of any length on absolutely any topic. The research and writing components of the project can all be entrusted to us – Each slide will be scrupulously crafted to meet your instructions. Any outside sources can be specified – our writers can just stick to the sources of your choice or locate their own, it is up to you. Ordering a Powerpoint Presentation from our company allows you to enjoy the benefits of our free unlimited revisions service, and we believe it is an important guarantee because there are always some little things people overlook while describing their project. We want to ensure that you get exactly what you wanted, so you are free to approach us with as many revision requests as you need. Again, any outside materials that could help our writers to weave a presentation of your dream (articles, stories, papers, textbook excerpts) should be either faxed to our toll-free number or uploaded via our site.

Quantitative Projects: Accounting, Finance, Statistics

We started out as a pure writing/research firm and found that quantitative projects would be a perfect addition to our service line. Today, you can get assistance with any quantitative project that falls within the boundaries of the Business School (BBA/MBA) Curriculum. We have experts in the following disciplines: Accounting, Calculus, Corporate Finance, Operations Management, Statistics. We employ qualified MBA students/graduates who have come fresh from the academia and are therefore familiar with current projects and assignments. We also work with qualified Accounting/Finance **gurus** who can be of help not only to students but also to anyone who needs help with absolutely any Accounting/Finance task. We will just connect you to a professional who can help you with your project at a much lower cost than other firms. Upon placing your order, you need to forward (fax, e-mail, upload) us all relevant data and we will be able to start from there.

Grant Proposals

We employ writers who have written dozens of grants eventually supported by various grant agencies across the country. There are a few skills involved in writing a successful grant and hiring the services of our firm will greatly increase the chances of approval for your program. Our writers will work with you to craft an effective proposal that will be clear, concise and convincing. It will be flawlessly written and effectively structured to describe your program, outline the objectives to be met, clearly explain how and when the objectives will be accomplished and how much money will be allocated to various parts of the program (budget). Our experience has shown that proposals that have the best chances for approval are written in a simple and straightforward fashion. They feature a flawless timeline and a budget. And, of course, they explain how the program will be sustained once the grant expires. That is the type of proposal you can expect from our writers.

Resume Writing

The professional resume writers, employed by our firm, know how to create a striking targetted resume that will guarantee interviews. Our writers will study your experience, your industry, and, if applicable, even the particular firm you may be applying to, in order to craft a professionally styled and formatted resume featuring the industry’s jargon and specific resume language. After placing your order and filling out our basic questionnaire and, possibly, supplying a copy of your existing resume, you will be contacted by our resume experts who will ask specific questions related to your work experience and education. That is crucual because a powerful resume must set you apart from your rivals and demonstrate how good you are in your field bringing up the particular tasks and challenges you handled and emphasizing the highlights of your career.


This service was introduced recently because we could not ignore our clients’ requests to have their papers edited rather than writing new ones. We employ writers from North America and they will look over your existing paper to do the following list of corrections: word choice, grammar, punctuation, style, spelling. You should also specify what level of expectation your paper has to live up to so that our staff can change it accordingly.