Scholarship Essay

In today’s tough economy, more college students are turning to the possibility of securing a scholarship in order to continue with their education. Usually, the requirements are straight-forward, but one of those requirements is the inclusion of an essay that “introduces” the candidate to the decision makers. Often, it’s the one thing that sets applicants apart and when there are a lot of people applying for the same scholarship, the essays become that much more important.

The biggest problem for many students is that maddening cursor flashing at the top of a blank page. Getting started is the most difficult part – and it’s common. In fact, ask any journalist or other professional writer and they’ll tell you it’s not until the words begin flowing that the direction and tone is defined.

Making a Difference

Writing scholarship essays is where many of our writers shine. In fact, we have a handful of writers who focus the majority of their attention on putting together a well-written, transitional and fluid essay for scholarship applications. And the best part? The student’s success rate with these original scholarship essays. We hear from those clients often and we take pride in knowing we’re making a difference in these clients’ lives.

Just as it’s frustrating to not be able to get the words flowing, you might find yourself wondering what kind of information to provide to your writer. It’s actually easier than you think. Some clients give us the highlights: graduated with honors from their high school, volunteered at the homeless shelter, wants to make a difference in their career choice – information like this allows us to truly personalize our scholarship essays.

Was there a life event that changed your career direction? Maybe you want to follow in your mom’s career footsteps or you might come from generations of engineers – whatever your story is, we can make it shine on paper.

Because scholarship essays are usually very specific in the requirements, keeping the details front and center is crucial. One slip can result in you being knocked out of consideration. Along with covering those bases, your essay must also reveal a lot about who you are as a person. It’s a delicate balance; without it though, you don’t stand a chance.

Giving Them What They Want

Most decision-making bodies want a combination of things. They want to know about your foundation, such as the dynamics of your family and they want to know what you’re passionate about. They might want to know the one thing you’d do to make the world a better place or it could be they’re interested in how well you move your thoughts onto paper. And too, there are times when you have an open invitation to tell your story in 1,000 words. Rest assured – we’ve seen them all. We know what the decision makers are asking for between the lines.

After we’ve completed the scholarship essays for our clients, we submit them back to the client. If it turns out yours doesn’t quite cover the bases you were hoping for, rest assured we’ll happily provide necessary revisions so that you’re comfortable with what you’re providing. We know it’s a reflection on you – and we also know it can make a significant impact on your future. Don’t trust a company that doesn’t have a solid reputation with quality writers. It’s too big a gamble to not choose wisely.

Have questions or want more information? Drop us a line or click on our chat link for help right now. With affordable rates, a guarantee that you’ll love your finished project and our commitment to perfecting every word, every period and every grammatical rule – you’ve nothing to worry about.