Research Paper Example

Sometimes, all we need is a research paper example to nudge us when we’ve no idea where to start. Everyone can relate to that open document, blinking cursor and drawing a blank, unsure of how to get the creativity flowing. Writer’s block happens for many college students as they’re trying to figure out which direction they’re going to take their custom essay, term paper or other writing project. Below is a research paper example, broken down in parts. Keep in mind this is a basic sample and you’ll need to adhere to any of your professor’s specific instructions.

Research Paper Example using APA Format

APA research papers have specific formatting and citing requirements.

In the header, APA requires a running head along with page numbers. Your running head should be flush left with your page numbers to the right side of the page. Note: this must be inserted into the header versus part of the body on each page. In most Word applications, you can simply double click at the top of the page and it opens your footer and header section. Alternatively, you can find the header/footer options under “Insert” in Word and most other word processing applications. Your font is typically a 12 point Times New Roman (or whatever your instructor specifies). Here’s a research paper example in APA format with the proper heading:

Running head: MOTIVATION 1
Note the capitalization of the topic of the paper. This is generally one or two words that highlight the specific topic of your essay or research paper.

APA formatting also requires a title page. In our research paper example, we use the topic “motivation” . The complete title should be centered on the page – both horizontally and vertically – and usually, that’s followed by your name, the course, your instructor and any other identifying information your instructor has specified (your professor may require the date, as well).

Motivating Employees in a Changing Economic ClimateYour Name Your Course Your Instructor

Your next page should be your abstract. Again, your title is centered at the top of the page. This includes an introduction and the opportunity to state your thesis. Also, it’s single spaced (unlike the body of your paper) and should be in block format.

Motivation in the workplace is as an important aspect of today’s ever-changing business model. This paper will (this is where you state your thesis)

The body of the paper itself is double spaced, new paragraph indents (the traditional five spaces per APA formatting guidelines) and a 12 point font in Times New Roman. The title (the same as what’s on your cover page) is centered at the top of your first page. Your in-text citations should include your author or authors last names and the year your reference was published. Here’s an example of an in-text citation in APA format, though keep in mind there are variations depending on the source itself and how it’s used. This is a basic citation:

…understanding the mechanisms of the trolley (Jones, 2009).
Finally, your reference page should have “References” centered across the top of the page (insert a page break following your last page so that you don’t have to worry about your References page ending up at the bottom of your last textual page). APA formatting requires no hyperlinks and in fact, discourages it. If your instructor states differently, naturally, you should adhere to his requirements. In our example of a term paper reference page, you’ll note no hyperlinks:

ReferencesDoe, C. (2009). “Motivation”. Department of Psychology. ABC University. Retrieved 2 December 2011 from: .

Note your first line is flush with the left margin while subsequent lines within the reference are indented five spaces.

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