Position Paper

A position paper is an essay that discusses one side of an issue and presents it as an opinion. In the world of academics, position papers discuss emerging topics or a topic where there is a clear divide of viewpoints and are usually supported by statistical data and sources from peer-reviewed journals. Students usually find this sort of paper a bit difficult to write, and it’s really no surprise: not only do you, the student, have to find a topic and feel comfortable arguing one side of it, you have to identify the issue, state your position, provide background information and supporting facts and data and then you have to discuss both sides of the issue and, in conclusion, suggest a course of action that would best help alleviate the problem and provide possible solutions to it.

If you do an internet search on ”position papers”, you’ll come back with results like “help”, “ideas”, “topics”, “format” and “how to write”, so it’s no secret that position papers are almost universally dreaded and, despite the guidelines the university websites and their writing labs put out, as well as the hints they have for writing an effective position paper, it would appear as though many students have very little idea how to write a paper of that nature, much less an effective or convincing one, so it’s no wonder that being assigned one can be alarming.

We’re Here to Help

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