Please review the Features of the Form of an Ethnographic essay on page 300-302, and the requirements for completing the Inquiry Project: Writing an Ethnographic Essay, on page 311 in your textbook. You will use these resources to help you compose the first draft of your Ethnographic Essay. By the end of this week and before 8 a.m. (CT) on Monday, you will submit your draft to the group Discussion Board so that others can provide you with feedback and help you make your essay stronger.
This first draft should be at least 600 words long. Try to meet the requirements for the final draft as best as you can and submit an essay that you feel is as close to finished as possible so that the feedback you receive is more likely to be useful. However, do not be overly concerned with issues related to proofreading and editing at this point; you will have the opportunity to address these as you revise.
For additional assignment details, go to the “Major Assignments” folder and select “Ethnographic Essay Outline” to view and/or print the assignment summary.