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Students will write a 10-page paper, not including cover page, abstract, or references in the page count, utilizing one of the chapter concepts discussed in the text.  The paper should thoroughly discuss the concept and apply the concept to everyday life situations. The paper MUST be in APA format. At least 10 points will be deducted if the paper is not written in APA format.  Please utilize the Richard Wright Center before April 20 for assistance, if needed. Also, the paper should incorporate at least 5 peer-reviewed journal articles published by 2010.

Your paper must be YOUR OWN WORK. Any use of another person’s ideas must be acknowledged. Any use of another person’s words must be acknowledged and the words properly marked as quotations. Failure to follow these rules is PLAGIARISM. Plagiarism is illegal and unethical, and it may have very serious consequences. Any plagiarism which I detect will be penalized. If you are in doubt as to whether something requires acknowledgment or quotation, your best strategy is to consult me in advance. The Writing Center also can provide information about plagiarism and about other aspects of academic integrity.

Paper Topic: Anything relating to Learning Psychology. Examples: Types of Reinforcement and Punishments, Operant Conditioning, Classical Conditioning.