Online Writers: What to Look For

Finding qualified on-line writers can be challenging; not because they’re hard to find, but instead, because it can be difficult to know for sure if who you’re hiring is who they say they are. We understand that. Our custom essay writing company works hard to contract with writers who are experienced, professional and more than a little familiar with both the writing process in general and specifically, college essay writing.

Let’s face it: today’s college professors and instructors are all about pushing the envelope and challenging young adults to step outside the proverbial box; to really examine their environment, their thought process and the reasons for believing one principle over another. For those who are open to the process, it’s an exciting time. Still, for all of this deep soul-searching today’s contemporary student is pursuing, the logistics behind essays, term papers, dissertations, capstones and research projects can get in the way.

The Growing Needs for On-Line Writers

Hiring on-line writers is one way many streamline their college experience. They want their classroom time to be focused on the topic at hand and thinking about whether MLA formatting requires page numbers or dates in the in-text citations is distracting. Our team of on-line writers have mastered not only the various formats used in college classrooms around the world, but they are experienced in the nuances associated with beautifully flowing and properly documented essays and other writing projects.

A Look at Our On-Line Writers

Our writers write for a living. We select only those who are focused on writing as their full-time writing careers. They undergo extensive testing before we allow them on-board. They must prove a number of things, via writing tests and interviews, before they’re seriously considered:

  • Proper documentation of all major paper formats, including MLA, APA, Harvard, etc.
  • Ability to meet short deadlines
  • An ethical approach that does not include taking short cuts or incorporating plagiarism
  • Ability to write fluidly, accurately and with strong analytics (sentence structure, proper grammar usage, etc.)
  • Willingness to work with the client to ensure he is satisfied with his finished project
  • A level of responsibility that’s indicative of commitment to customer satisfaction

Day in the Life of an On-Line Writer

Ever wondered what happens after you submit your project? We’re revealing all. Take a look:

Once you submit the information and details for your project, we make it available to those writers who have experience in your subject matter. New writers must wait for administration approval before they take a project. Our more experienced writers are free to sign up immediately.

After your project has been assigned, your online writer will contact you with a brief introduction and to let you know your project is moving forward. She will also include a quick reminder that you may contact her directly through the online messaging system with any problems, questions or requests for updates on your project.

On our end, the on-line writers see only the information that they need access to. Your privacy is protected from start to finish, which is another added benefit of our online messaging system.

Your writer begins the research stage of the project and will incorporate any sources you require. Odds are, they have access to everything needed to provide a well-rounded and complete project. There are times when they cannot access a particular textbook. In those instances, you writer may request you scan and fax or email the applicable pages or chapters from your textbooks.

Your project progresses along fluidly and always with the deadline in the back of your writer’s mind. We encourage our writers to provide a bit of flexibility in terms of meeting your deadlines. Submitting your project a day or two prior to the deadline ensures ample time for you to review and request any revisions or changes. These are always top priority and your online writer will work to resolve any imperfections or changes you wish.

Ready to let us show you how it’s done? Getting started is easy and our team of on-line writers stand ready to help you get back to the business of living your life. We’ll handle the logistics!