Immigration Essay

Immigration is an important topic and is one that is being widely debated in the Western world, which is why many students are assigned an immigration essay at some point during their careers in school, whether it’s a topic overview, a sociological or socioeconomic issue or a historical piece. This is particularly true in the United States, where many people find immigration a concern and where teachers and instructors often assign informative essays so that their students are able to learn about the issue in its entirety. An immigration essay can also take the form of an argumentative essay, a position piece, or a research paper and can delve deeply into the topic, looking at migration patterns, economics, law, ethnic enclaves, prejudice, poverty, the benefits of immigration and the history of immigration. An immigration essay can be a very diverse piece as it is a far-ranging issue that has an impact on many people and is often a subject on which people have strong beliefs. There is a wealth of information available for an immigration essay as it has been extensively studied in areas such as sociology for centuries. Immigration has “built” much of the Western world and therefore it encompasses topics such as slavery, poverty, assimilation and the Industrial Revolution to today’s concerns about the impact of illegal immigration, racism and prejudice; immigration, in fact, touches on nearly every academic discipline in some form or another, so immigration essays are popular assignments in both high school and college.

Students who have been assigned an immigration essay will discover they have a wealth of information available to them: there is textbook material, case histories, studies in peer-reviewed journals, material in legal texts and there are many organizations that publish booklets or newsletters to raise awareness concerning the difficulties immigrants today face and the steps that can be taken to help them adjust to their new country. By the same token, there are also groups that focus purely on the negative aspects of immigration; using either of these sources should be done so with the utmost caution as both can conceivably be considered biased and, as with any academic piece, using neutral, factual reference material from a source that doesn’t have an agenda is ideal. It is possible, whether pro-immigration or opposed to it, to find material that supports the hypothesis of the paper without bias if you are discerning when looking for information. It simply cannot be stressed enough that the student should think of any paper that he or she is assigned as a piece of professional work and treat it accordingly. Using sloppy citation methods are inexcusable as is using material from an individual or group that has an agenda; mistakes of this nature can easily earn a poor grade or, in the case of being negligent when citing source material, can lead to accusations of plagiarism.

Being such a multifaceted topic, immigration can be a confusing topic to research and to write about. Good organization skills are always vital when writing an essay or a research paper, as is having a clear idea of what you want to stress in your paper, whether it’s a topic overview or a position piece. Finding as much legitimate source material as possible and creating an outline are the crucial beginning stages towards writing a successful immigration essay. Source material can always be rejected later if it doesn’t suit but, in the initial planning stages, having a variety of sources can help you narrow down your area of focus and can help you achieve a better understanding of the topic.