-How has society’s treatment of abuse and sexual violence within gender norms has changed since the time period of the play “Streetcar named Desire” by Tennessee Williams.

-Link to play:

-The Video/play is for reference but should be focused on themes of abuse and sexual violence within gender norms/roles and how they have changed since the time period of the play. You can use examples from the characters. (many websites that summarize the play and characters) Create an argument or standpoint and thesis statement. The whole paper should address the claim (thesis) that you create. Paper should be persuasive, in “rhetorical mode”. Don’t use 3 claims but the whole paper should be proving 1 specific thesis statement. Use direct quotes to support.

-Please use 4 peer reviewed sources from this database: Jstor
I linked the 4 sources as pdf. Please use direct quotes to support your claim and thesis. Please use at least 1 direct quote from each peer reviewed source that relates and supports your thesis. I’m using these 4 sources in my annotated bibliography so it is necessary to use the 4 specific sources I provided as pdf. its a must.

-PLEASE: do not use complex vocabulary, higher level terms and sentence structure that I won’t understand, I’m in my first year of college. please make it understandable for a high schooler.