High School Essays

High school can be tough, and it’s becoming increasingly competitive as time goes on. There are so many things that high school students need to consider when they’re preparing for the future and they may not realize it, but they are building the foundations for their resumes while they are still teenagers. Future employers and universities look at things such as extracurricular activities, academic honors and outside interests. High school students are under more pressure now than they have been in the past and their coursework reflects this, as a high school student’s workload is much heavier than it was a generation ago.

High school essays and research papers are more and more common assignments as teachers want to prepare their students in terms of having time management, a solid work ethic and preparedness for college or university. All of these things are undeniably helpful skills to have, and it’s entirely understandable from a teacher’s point of view, but many students who are striving for perfection in every aspect of their lives find themselves overwhelmed and increasingly short on time.

Recent studies have shown that high school students are under immense pressure and that many believe that today’s students are members of a generation of overachievers, scrambling to fill their transcripts with perfect grades, achieve awards in leadership, academia, athletics, take advanced placement classes, give to their communities, hold down part-time jobs, earn scholarships…the list goes on and on. Some students feel as though they’re headed for a breakdown if they don’t, occasionally, have an evening off or a full night of sleep.

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