Harvard Referencing

The Harvard referencing citation method is an author-date parenthetical system, which means that the source of information used in the body of a paper is credited in the text and corresponds to to the references list at the end of the document. The Harvard referencing system is used primarily in the sciences and technical fields. In addition to direct quotations, summarizing and paraphrasing are allowed in the Harvard referencing format, as long as the author’s original meaning isn’t altered or the writer does not add his or her own interpretation to the text; additionally, a quotation may be edited provided the meaning is not changed and the writer signifies this by using ellipsis encased in brackets. There is no official handbook for the Harvard citation method, so if you’ve been assigned a paper in the Harvard format, it is best to check your course materials to find out whether your instructor has any specific preferences regarding the way Harvard referencing is used as some instructors, for example, may want different aspects of it used.

Citation methods are used to credit the work of others and to avoid accusations of plagiarism, as incorrect use of source material can construed as academic theft and is grounds for disciplinary action in many universities. Citing references is extremely important in the academic world; failing to do so is, at the very least, very sloppy and will earn the writer a poor grade and, at worst, is outright plagiarism.

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