Good Research Essay Topics

There is no doubt that you will have to write hundreds of essays throughout your academic career. While many of your professor’s will give you a detailed research essay topic, some of them will leave the entire project up to you. There is little doubt that one of the hardest aspects of writing a paper is selecting a good research essay topic.

What is a good research essay topic?

To put it simply, a good research essay topic is one that is interesting and relevant to a society as a whole. A good research essay topic is one that should be a little controversial and have numerous perspectives and angles that can be argued. A good research essay topic is one that is relevant to what is popular and current in the modern world. It is critical to choose a good research essay topic because without one, you entire paper will fall flat and you will inevitably end up with a low grade. If you are struggling with finding good research essay topics, the following list can help:

  • Airport security. With the recent debate on airport security and the aggressive nature of some airports and how they react to possible “suspects” this topic has been gaining a lot of attention in the past few years. Given that this issue will only continue to attract attention in upcoming years, it is always an engaging topic to research and explore.
  • Bullying laws are another hot topic. In recent days, the issue of bullying has been getting a lot of media attention. Many schools are promoting a zero tolerance policy when it comes to school bullying. As well, workplaces are also taking a hint from these new laws and enforcing a new bullying policy in the workplace. Cyber bullying can also be a very good research essay topic to focus on. With an increase in the use of social media, this particular area of bullying has drastically become a bigger problem.
  • Immigration. With recent restrictions on immigration laws, this issue is a constant debate and will always make for a great research essay topic.
  • Terrorism. Given the recent events in world history connected to terrorism, there are so many ways this can be expanded and explored into a great research essay topic.

Having Trouble with choosing a good research essay topic?

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