Global Warming Essay

Global warming is a very controversial topic that has inspired countless debates over the past few years. Keeping this in mind, eventually at one point or another throughout your education, you will probably have to write a global warming essay. A global warming essay is one that focuses on the topic of global warming and usually supports the theory or provides evidence against the phenomenon of global warming.

One of the most important things you need to include in a good global warming essay is the issue of pollution and its impact on the atmosphere. For instance, a great global warming essay would cover how carbon pollution, the use of excessive household energy and greenhouse gases impact the ozone layer. A strong global warming essay could argue whether or not these factors have a substantial impact on the climate and provide solid reasons who or why not the supporter feels a certain why.

Another interesting point to include in a global warming essay is the viewpoint that global warming is only a myth. As covered in various media outlets some people are strong supporters of global warming and claim that there is strict scientific evidence that supports its existence. Others argue that global warming is nothing but a made up event that does not really exist. A strong global warming essay will present evidence that supports and shows evidence against both sides. However, in the end you must choose and argue the one side that you feel is correct. You must form and defend your own opinion on the issue.

If you do not support the theory of global warming, in your global warming essay you can cover the issue of climate change and provide evidence that suggests that climate change has always existed and is not something new. If you believe that the theory of global warming is true, you can provide evidence of its existence in the context of increased storms and floods.

Perhaps, the most critical aspect of a good global warming essay is using sources that are reputable. While it is easy to copy and paste-off any old site on the internet, it is much harder to get an excellent grade this way. In order to really convince your professor that you walked the extra mile and do know what you’re talking about, you need to use sources such as academic journals, books and trustworthy magazines. These types of sources are not only reputable; they also are more academically acceptable because they are backed up by real scientific evidence rather than just someone’s opinion.

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