Essays on Abortion

Undoubtedly, abortion is one of the most controversial topics on the planet. It is mostly controversial because it covers a grey moral area in which there is no clear right or wrong answer. Depending on individual beliefs and perspectives, opinions on whether abortion is right or wrong will vary greatly. Some people believe it is a clear case of murder while others maintain that it is every woman’s right to have control over her own body.

Given that this is such a grey area, there is a huge chance that you will eventually have to write an essay on abortion at one point or another during your academic career. A good essay on abortion should start off by explaining why abortion is so controversial. For instance, abortion is such a hot topic because since it’s legalization in 1973, groups have continuously fought in order to have it banned or access to it increased. A well thought out essay on abortion could cover some of these groups and highlight why they feel abortion is right or wrong.

Typically, an essay on abortion will highlight two major camps on the issue which are pro-life and pro-choice. People who are pro-life fundamentally believe that abortion is morally wrong because it involves taking a life. They believe that an unborn fetus is still a human. However, a majority of people who are pro-life are open to making exceptions in the case of extreme circumstances such as rape. People who are pro-choice believe that it is every woman’s choice what she does or doesn’t do with her body and that access to abortion should not be restricted. However, some people that support this view point also believe that certain restrictions should be placed on who has access. For example, even though they are pro-choice, they may still believe that restrictions should be placed on abortion so that teenagers do not have access to it unless they have parental approval.

A well- developed essay on abortion should cover all the above specified points as well as cover legal issues that are relatively new to the field. For instance, one of the most heated aspects of abortion in recent days has been what is called an intact dilation and extraction abortion. An abortion performed at this stage involves a fetus that is over 24 weeks old. This type of abortion is highly controversial because even supporters of pro-choice recognize that at this stage the fetus is old enough to be considered an infant rather than a fetus. Some states have banned this specific type of abortion unless there is a situation in which the child may harm the mother’s body. A convincing essay on abortion should cover some recent laws and regulations that have been enforced in this area and how they have contributed to furthering or hindering access to abortion.

When writing an essay on abortion, it is crucial to talk about the pros and cons of each side and offer your own perspective on the issue. While it is easy to argue your personal opinion, you need to always support your opinion with research and helpful quotes from other reputable literature. It is not enough to simply state that you agree or disagree; your opinion needs to be backed up by facts and a certain number of statistics.

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