Can you spot the errors in this sentence:

For one example, however crass it might sound, it has provided me with supplemental funds to continue my studies at your school as an incoming Freshman providing of course I can obtain additional Scholarship, Loan, or Grant funds as well.

Sometimes, the errors are obvious – in the above sentence, there’s no need to capitalize “freshman”, “scholarship”, “loan” or “grant” as they’re not being used in any kind of formal way – “Hunt’s Grant” “Jefferson Lyon Scholarship Fund” would require capitalization.

Other times, it can be difficult to discern where the errors are, but you know something just isn’t flowing properly. The above example was pulled from a website and was supposedly written by a “recent college graduate who majored in English”. That’s right. This paper, along with hundreds more just like it, are available for sale right now – and if you buy it, you should know it will remain for sale after you click “buy”. Further, there’s no way to know how many times this paper has already been bought. You can be sure that if any professor has seen the sentence cross his desk in the past, it’s not one he won’t soon forget. Too many times in the past, essays writing services have let their clients down. Those days are over, though.

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One example is the supplemental funds that have been provided and that will allow me to continue my studies. My goal is to secure additional funding, such as a scholarship, student loan or grant funds.

Flows much better, yes?