The Right Essay Writing Site

We often are asked, “Is your site a good one and can I count on my project being taken seriously?” Usually, this question is followed by a story that the potential customer has recently experienced. They don’t want to take a chance on another subpar writing site, they simply want a way to get their projects finished on time, within a certain budget and one that’s free of any plagiarized work. We get it. We know how important it is to find that one essay writing site that offers a “total package”.

Writing for the Right Essay Writing Site

While our customers are our top priority, we also maintain close working relationships with our writers, too. They are our biggest assets and we carefully screen and review any potential writer before extending a contract. If they lack in proper grammar skills, inadequate research skills, poor communication habits or any other shortcomings, we simply decline to extend an offer of employment.

The “right writers”, however, are those who are willing to go the extra mile for our clients. They embrace the ideal of the “total package” and all that it entails: communicating one on one with the client, willing to provide revisions or edits when necessary and of course, they are educated and experienced.

In the course of communicating with a few of our writers recently, we learned the thoughts of some of those writers:

“Honestly, this was a leap of faith I took. I didn’t want to do anything unethical nor was I certain in how I felt about essay writing sites, but I knew too that many college students are overwhelmed. I knew this because I see my sister juggle work, her family and her full time class load. She really loves school and has a high GPA, but she often doesn’t have a lot of time to spend on writing time-consuming research papers. I thought, after helping her with typing and citing her references, this was probably the exact customer “profile” who is looking for quality essay writing sites. Of course, I soon learned my thought process was right. I know now our customers aren’t looking for a way out or for someone to “do their homework”. They know their course loads, they just don’t have strong typing skills or they don’t have the time to meet the time demands of their deadlines. I can honestly tell you guys this is one of the most exciting writing dynamics I’ve known in my ten-plus years as a professional writer. “

Not All Essay Writing Sites are Created Equal

It’s true; there are websites that promise quality, well written essays that meet even the most demanding professor’s requirements – and then they don’t deliver. Then, there are those essay writing sites that deliver on time, every time. Our projects are ranked high and it’s due to the commitment of our writers. You can be sure, too, qualifying via our testing processes is no cake walk. Our writers must provide writing samples, proof that they know how to properly format every kind of research or essay paper and they must sign contracts that lay out detailed repercussions for plagiarism. It’s true they’re earning a living, but the difference our writers possess is that they truly enjoy what they do. They take pride in each project they complete and they know the importance of maintaining contact with their clients. Unlike other essay writing sites, you have access to your writer from start to finish. Want periodic updates? Your writer understands this – it’s your educational career, after all. Simply tell us what you need and let us show you the difference a quality essay writing site can provide. Still have questions? Contacting us is easy and fast. Email us, call us or instant chat with us.

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