Essay Writing Tips

Putting together a great college essay doesn’t have to be a blind leap of faith. A few essay writing tips can make all the difference and can help you develop the kind of writing project you’re proud to put your name to. Take into consideration these tried and true methods from some of our most experienced writers who write college essays, term papers and dissertations every day. They value a streamlined approach and have mastered the art of a seamless project that’s accurate, properly cited and well-written. Here are their essay writing tips:

Preliminary Efforts

Most writers will tell you the stronger foundation you have in place and the better organized you are during the initial phases, the better the finished project. It can make all the difference. Here’s what one writer, Justin, has to say about laying the groundwork:

Before I ever even type the first word, I find the resources I need. If a project requires five references, if I can go ahead and get seven or eight lined up, I know I have some leeway if one of those resources end up not being applicable to the topic.

Another writer, Regina, says it’s all about narrowing the topic and offers these essay writing tips:

If the topic is too broad, it’s difficult to get a grasp on the direction the paper should ultimately go. Especially if it’s less than 7 or 8 pages, it’s important to hone in on your topic. Nothing’s worse than proofing your final edit only to realize you’ve provided a little about a lot of sub-topics and not enough to present a truly cohesive and informative essay.

Avoid the Fluff

This is probably the biggest complaint of college professors everywhere. Trying to meet a page count with unnecessary “fluff” only weakens your project. There are dozens of ways to describe the weather, but superfluous nonsense loses a reader quickly. Instead of saying, “The sky was a magical and intense blue with white fluffy clouds that covered half of the really blue sky and it provided a wonderful blue contrast that looked almost purple with the white clouds…”, your point is easily made with: “The blues in the clear sky contrasted with the billowy white clouds presented a lovely lavender hue.” Make your claim and then move on.

Proof it Once, Proof it Twice

There’s actually a psychological twist to proofreading our own work products. One of the best essay writing tips is to assume nothing. In our own minds, and as we’re busy typing away, we’re confident we’re moving along with no typographical errors or grammar disasters. The truth is, our mind is probably moving faster than our fingers can type. Proofread your term paper once after you’ve completed it. Then, take a break and come back to proof it once more. You’re likely to be surprised at what you missed during your first review.

Document Properly

It really is about the documentation in college papers. Another one of our qualified writers, Jesse, offers this essay writing tip:

If I’m using direct quotes, I immediately type a note to myself following the sentence the page number or paragraph associated with that quote; otherwise, I spend a lot of time backtracking in my efforts of finding that quote again. In the final run-through, I replace my own note to myself with the proper citation method, depending on the formatting required. This one simple rule is what’s prevented a lot of headaches for me.

Turn to the Experts

Of course, you can always consider a writing firm to cover your bases. We saved the best essay writing tip for last: allow our team of writers do the heavy lifting while you go back to the business of living your life. We can provide an original, plagiarized-free term paper, custom essay or dissertation that’s sure to earn the high grades. We can meet even the toughest deadlines and our rates are quite affordable. Contact us today for more information.