Custom Writing Service

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of companies claiming to be custom writing services and it seems as though there are more and more each day. The industry is growing, and not in a good way: there are more and more scams, more and more con-artists, dangerous and damaging sites and it is apparent, to anyone who does a little research, that most ”custom writing services” …aren’t. They aren’t custom and many can’t realistically be referred to as being services, either. As for the writing, a recent study that was done by a professor at an Ivy League university on “essay mills” yielded a shocker and something that would make anyone who’s passed third-grade English successfully cringe: what many companies produce was shown to have been the result of someone taking preexisting student essays and running them through a “spinning” program. In linguistics, “spinning” is taking a piece of copy and running it through a program that replaces keywords with synonyms that can freshen up web content; it’s essentially a giant thesaurus; unfortunately, programs like that are incapable of independent thought and therefore produce gibberish. People who don’t want to buy content for their websites often “spin” articles to avoid accusations of plagiarism and to ensure that search engines notice them, as they tend to omit duplicate content.

In addition to the plagiarized, “spun” essays, there have also been several documented cases of students being threatened by these so-called companies when they’ve asked for revisions or refunds: the companies threatened to notify the students’ universities that their services have been used.

Then there are the usual second- or third-rate companies that produce copy-and-pasted work, hire incompetent writers, don’t correctly cite their sources and could potentially ruin your academic career if you use them.

There are also phishing scams, in which you would be supplying these people enough information to make your life difficult for a very long time. Name, address, credit card number—you could lose your entire identity to someone else if you’re dealing with an untrustworthy company.

We Make Guarantees and We Stick To Them

When looking for a custom writing service, look for an established company that has a good reputation and that cares about its customers. We have made promises to you and we honor those: we care about your academic success, which is why we have university-educated writers who can handle a diverse range of topics, as we have over two hundred of them, all who have their own areas of expertise.

Our services are confidential, and we go to great lengths to ensure that your confidentiality is never compromised; nobody will ever know that you have used our service.

Your privacy is protected; the information that you provide will never, ever find its way to a third party, traded, volunteered or sold.

We are a custom writing service, and that means that everything we do is completely original. Everything is written from scratch to your specifications, and is yours for life: no portion of your paper or project will ever be used again for any purpose.

We understand that sometimes life catches you unaware, that deadlines get away, that you might have a family emergency, you might get the flu, you might need a hand up from time to time and we’re here to help you succeed. As a custom writing service, we believe that it is our duty to do our absolute best for you, to work hard to ensure you receive a good grade, to make life easier for you if we can, and we stand by our promises of quality, confidentiality and safety.