College Application Essays

College application essays are probably one of the hardest things to write. In the span of a few pages you have to essentially describe and advertise your entire life’s work and highlight what makes you worthy of gaining entrance into the college of your choice. Trying to fit all of these details into a page or two makes writing a college application essay challenging and frustrating for many students. Although there is no one magic formula for getting into the college of your choice, we do have some tips that can make writing your college application essay a whole lot easier,

1. Your college application essay should be brief. Many colleges do not want pages and pages of purple prose going into detail as to why you’re so great. They want you to sell yourself in a manner that in brief and to the point. To put it simply, never go over the allocated page count for your essay. This will not make you look smart; it will only make you look like you can’t follow directions.

2. Your college application essay should be truthful. While it might be very tempting to make it look like you achieved more than you actually have, this is a big don’t. Colleges don’t expect every student to excel at everything. You should concentrate on one or two things that you are good at. This will make your application look more honest and well-rounded in the essays of the admissions office.

3. Your college application essay should highlight what makes you stand out. Remember you have to stand out from the rest of the pack. You need to stress your strengths and basically what you can do better than other students. This can be either academic or non-academic depending on your particular area of expertise.

4. Your college application essay must use correct grammar. First impressions are very important so if you want to make one, you need to be sure you use proper spelling, grammar and punctuation. Please ask a family member or friend to double check your paper for you or hire an editor if necessary.

5. Your college application essay must be interesting. Boring people rarely impress. When you write your essay make sure you personalize with some interesting facts about yourself. Have you travelled; do you speak a foreign language? Can you cook exotic food? What makes you stand out?

6. Your college application essay must not be longer than necessary. A well written essay is better than one that is too long and one which does not make any point what so ever. Words do not equal quality.

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