Chicago style paper

Chicago style papers aren’t used as often as their counterparts, such as APA or MLA formatted research papers and the differences are quite significant. Not only that, but there are different methods of documenting one’s sources with this style. While a Chicago style paper and a Turabian formatted paper share many similarities, it’s the type of writing project you’re facing that determines which style works best. While this certainly allows for some flexibility in preparing your essays, term papers and investigative projects, often, your college professor will require one way over the other. One formatting style includes the notes and bibliography references while the second requires author and date information, the former being most often preferred in topics relating to humanities, such as what an art student might encounter. The author/date system is often preferred in social sciences courses.

One of the more important aspects with a Chicago style paper includes the journal cover date and the difference with its actual publication. Many college students who are writing in this format can find themselves more than slightly annoyed with the nuances of these requirements. It’s sometimes confusing, and again, coupled with your instructor’s additional requirements, it can easily result in several hours spent just on those formatting styles. Also, this particular formatting style requires the use of footnotes and specific instructions with the cover pages – just to name a few. There are many other specific details that go into a properly formatted Chicago style paper.

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