Bullying Essays

Sadly, bullying has become a harsh reality in today’s modern world. In the age of technology and the internet where anything can be said in a flash without regards to another’s feelings, bullying has become a big problem both online and off-line. In response to this issue, many schools and universities are more aware of the issue of bullying and have enforced strict anti-bullying rules. Given that this is such a hot topic, it is possible that you will have to write an essay on bullying at one point or another.

A good bullying essay should start off by defining the act of bullying itself. One manner in which bullying can be defined is as follows: the act of purposely harming or threatening to harm another person through physical or emotion abuse. Bullying can occur at any location and at any age. Unlike the past, where the perceived notion of bullying was restricted to the playground, people realize that bullying can occur almost anywhere. It can take place at work, home, school or online. When writing a bullying essay, you can define the types of abuse that occur when the act of bullying is carried out. For instance, some common acts that qualify as bullying include:

  • -false gossip
  • -name calling
  • -physical abuse
  • -verbal abuse
  • -emotional abuse
  • -threats if the victim does not do what is being asked

While a great bullying essay will cover the issue of bullying in a traditional sense, it also needs to cover the ever growing area of cyber-bullying. We live in the age of Facebook and Twitter where everything is public and nothing is off-limits. In recent years, there has been in increase in school shootings and suicides that can all be traced back to cyber bullying. Cyber bullying can be defined as bullying that occurs over the internet through email, a social media site, etc. This type of bullying is increasing mostly due to the fact that there is a certain amount of anonymity that is involved in working on the internet. Strangers can say anything to one another without fear of physical confrontation. While this type of bullying is increasing how we can prevent it is not. If you are required to write a bullying essay, a good point to include would be how internet behavior can be better modified so that bullying can be prevented or somewhat reduced.

A bullying essay also needs to cover how schools and governments are reacting to this threat. In recent years, the number of school shootings resulting from bullying has increased substantially thus prompting schools to enforce strict anti-bullying policies and regulations. Given an increase in media coverage, many schools are facing extensive pressure to make sure that bullying is prevented as much as possible within schools.

Some of the effects of bullying include:

  • -social anxiety
  • -decrease in self-esteem
  • -suicide
  • -drug and alcohol abuse
  • -depression

When writing a bullying essay, be sure to include your personal perspective on the topic and argue why you think bullying has increased to such a great extent. For instance, we think that bullying has increased to the extent it has because of a decline in accountability. Nowadays, one does not have to be accountable for their words and actions if they bully another through a blog or social media site. As soon as these walls are put up, it becomes easier to separate and distance yourself from your victim and feel less guilty for your actions and words.

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