Argumentative Essay

This particular genre in the essay family is one that requires logic and an in-depth knowledge of the topic. The writer’s goal is to present his or her point of view with the facts while also providing credible resources to support the argument. These argumentative essay projects also require the author to closely evaluate all of the evidence – not just the evidence that backs his side of the debate. In order to fully understand all of the dynamics and then effectively argue his position, he must have that well-established foundation so that he’s better prepared to address those arguments from the other side. Just as importantly as establishing one’s position, the author must be able to put to writing his thoughts, beliefs and arguments, lest his argumentative essay is weakened. A weak essay is a sure-fire way to earn a mediocre grade.

Most Overwhelming

It’s not surprising that the argumentative essay is the one that causes the most frustration for students. While they may be able to verbalize their arguments, choosing the right words and then getting them to flow onto the paper in a cohesive manner has caused more than a few sleepless nights for many. The argumentative essay must be assertive without being aggressive and it must be written in a confident but non-threatening voice. Take for instance these two examples:

“Reality television might have some varying degrees of reality written into the script, but for the most part, these television shows are performed by actors who may not know anything about the “reality” they’re attempting to portray. These shows also encourage teens and children to misbehave.”

This was the argument of one student whose instructor encouraged him to try again. He contacted our company after realizing he was against the wall and asked if one of our professional writers could tackle the project and give it that right “voice”. Here’s our version of that thought, written for the client for inclusion into his argumentative essay:

“Reality television serves an entertainment purpose; however, the absence of “in the moment” events and the inclusion of “retakes” for the camera prevents many of these shows from ever being true reality, despite the fact that they’re advertised as “real life”. The actors are rehearsed and paid for their appearances and according to the producers interviewed for the project, they are more interested in a well-flowing story line rather than capturing life’s moments in their most candid forms. It’s all about the flow of money from advertisers. Allowing younger children to view any of these programs is irresponsible at best. “

As you can see, not only did we change the vocabulary with more confident phrases, but we added credibility by including the thoughts of actual producers as well as stating the argument clearly, leaving no room for misinterpretation.

The Goal of the Argumentative Essay

Argumentative essays are meant to present the author’s beliefs in such a way that the audience is swayed via reason and authenticity. The citations or references should also come from reliable sources so that the author can strengthen his position even further.

Finally, a well-rounded argumentative essay makes concessions for the differing viewpoints. The goal is to approach the essay’s topic with an open mind and a willingness to acknowledge opposing mindsets. It also prepares the writer so that he may defend his position when the opposing side makes its arguments. By focusing on the facts and understanding there is no room for emotion, the best writers can provide a finished argumentative essay that will cause the reader to stop and reconsider his own beliefs.

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