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This is a two-part assignment. Please follow the instructions carefully.
Part 1
Watch the short video below,

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This is a two-part assignment. Please follow the instructions carefully. Part 1 Watch the short video below, "Raised without Gender," and answer the following 4 questions below. What is yur reaction to the video? Do yu think the family is being successful in not teaching gender? Why or why not? What are the positives or benefits of their approach? What are the negatives or drawbacks of their approach? Part 2 Watch the short video below using the first link and read the short article using the second link and answer the following 3 questions below once you've completed reviewing both links. What are yur reactions to the article and video? Do yu think socialization matters? Why or why not? Do yu think we should change how we teach gender? Yes or no? What should we be doing?

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