Academic Ghostwriters
An academic ghostwriter is someone who writes for another individual without gaining credit for the work. These professionals sell all rights to the work to you, the client, which is included in the overall cost of the written project. Academic ghostwriters handle term papers, custom essays, Theses, Dissertations, reports, research, and all other academically required writing. Our professional academic ghostwriters are hired for their education and experienced to provide our clients with the highest quality writing available in the business. Our service is qualified to handle all aspects of writing, technical or otherwise, and deliver a perfect and complete written project to you; on time to meet any deadline you have.

We Can Help You Reach Your Academic Goals
Our professional academic ghostwriters can alleviate the stress of degree and graduate programs. When written materials are written intelligently and showing critical thought, they communicate to your professor and institution you are serious about your future. We take pride in assisting our clients meet their personal and academic goals this way; after all, when you succeed so do we. For assistance in academics, our writers are hired for their educational background, writing experience, and knowledge in advanced subjects. Collectively, our writers are knowledgeable in literally hundreds of subject areas and on all academic levels, including graduate/PHD. Our essay writers are also fluent in all academic formatting styles and boast perfect citations for every written project. We are happy to assist students on the high school level as well.

No Plagiarism Guaranteed
Whether you use our professional academic ghostwriting service for personal or academic writing, we guarantee what you receive will be custom written with original thought and content, and unique to your instructions and specifications. Each client is unique to us and we aim to display that uniqueness in your written projects through the information you provide to us. Nothing is ever copied and pasted from the web, never is information used directly from sources without proper citation, nor do we use inferior sources of information. Our writers have access to hundreds of databases where they access only credible sources for your written projects. Plagiarism is a major concern for both ourselves and our clients, and we have extremely high standards when it comes to our policy regarding this issue. In addition, all the work you hire from our team of academic ghostwriters is yours upon completion. As all rights to the work pass to you, we cannot nor will we ever reuse the work, resell it, or use parts of it in any way.

We understand the negativity surrounding hiring academic ghostwriters to complete your written projects for you, but we also understand that the reasons our clients work with us are multi-faceted. Family, work, illness or stress from classes can disable any individual and prevent them from having enough time to complete some projects. We are here to help with that. No one will ever know you acquired a professional ghostwriter to assist you, as all your private information is kept confidential. We have many repeat clients who return to us for this and many other reasons. When you hire us, you will be paired with a writer who best suits your individual needs, and you will be able to begin communicating with them privately through our confidential and secure instant messaging system where you can work as closely as you wish with your personal academic ghostwriter. This also enables you to obtain updates pertaining to your work, give direction, consult with them for a more personal touch, or upload any last minute instructions you may have. We guarantee you will be more than satisfied with our professional writing service, and we look forward to working with you.