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At Native Heros, we bost of Top-tier academic writing services done by experienced professionals. Elevate your essays, dissertations, and applications with our expert help.

Academic Writing Services

Essay writing: Crafting essays, research papers, term papers, and other academic assignments.

Thesis and dissertation writing: Providing support in developing and writing comprehensive research projects.

Editing and proofreading: Reviewing and refining academic papers for grammar, style, and clarity.

Formatting: Ensuring documents adhere to specific academic style guides (e.g., APA, MLA, Chicago).

Literature reviews: Summarizing and critically analyzing existing research on a given topic.

Research proposal writing: Helping students develop research plans and outlines.

Response papers: Crafting detailed responses and critiques to academic articles, books, or lectures.

Admissions and Application Services

Personal statement and essay writing: Assisting students in crafting compelling personal statements for college and graduate school applications.

Scholarship essay writing: Supporting students in applying for scholarships through well-written essays.

Resume and CV writing: Creating professional resumes and CVs to highlight academic achievements and skills.

Technical writing: Creating clear and concise technical documents, reports, and manuals.

Creative writing: Assisting with short stories, poetry, scripts, or other creative projects.

Grant proposal writing: Helping students and researchers secure funding for projects.

Business plan writing: Supporting students in developing business plans for entrepreneurial ventures.

App Access

PowerPoint presentation creation: Designing visually appealing and informative presentations.

Online tutoring and coaching: Providing individualized guidance on writing skills and strategies.

Plagiarism checking: Ensuring originality and academic integrity in written work.

Case study analysis: Conducting in-depth examinations of individual cases related to various academic disciplines.

Annotated bibliography: Compiling and summarizing sources with critical commentary.

Coursework writing: Assisting with assignments and projects required throughout a course.

Lab report writing: Documenting experiments and presenting scientific findings clearly and accurately.

Additional Writing Services

Topic selection and proposal: Helping students choose and develop research topics and proposals.

Data analysis: Assisting with statistical analysis and interpretation of research data.

Chapter-by-chapter writing support: Providing guidance and feedback on individual thesis or dissertation chapters.

Defense preparation: Preparing students for thesis or dissertation defenses with mock sessions and feedback.

Systematic literature review: Conducting comprehensive reviews using systematic methodologies.

Narrative literature review: Summarizing and synthesizing existing research without a systematic approach.

Thematic literature review: Organizing and analyzing literature based on key themes or concepts.

Scoping review: Mapping the scope and nature of available research on a specific topic.

Infographic creation: Designing visually engaging infographics to complement academic content.

Video scriptwriting: Writing scripts for educational or promotional videos.

Study guide creation: Developing comprehensive study guides for various subjects.

Online course content development: Creating structured and informative content for online courses.

Thesis/dissertation-specific editing: Tailoring editing services specifically for long-form academic documents.

Bilingual editing: Providing editing services for papers written in a second language to ensure fluency and accuracy.

Journal article editing: Preparing research articles for submission to academic journals.

Proposal review: Offering feedback and editing services for research or grant proposals.

Gap year planning: Assisting students in planning and articulating gap year experiences in applications.

Deferred admission requests: Helping students craft compelling requests for deferred admission.

Summer program applications: Supporting applications for academic summer programs or internships.

Transfer applications: Assisting students in applying for transfer between institutions.

SEO content writing: Writing optimized content for educational websites to improve search engine visibility.

Survey and questionnaire design: Assisting with the creation and formatting of academic surveys and questionnaires.

Additional Writing Services

Substantive editing: Providing comprehensive revisions to improve structure, argumentation, and content.

Copyediting: Ensuring precision in grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

Formatting and style consistency: Making sure the entire document is consistent with specific academic styles.

Reference checking: Verifying accuracy and completeness of citations and references.

Methodology development: Assisting with the design and justification of research methodologies.

Ethical considerations: Addressing ethical issues and obtaining necessary approvals.
Budget planning: Creating detailed and realistic research budgets.

Timeline creation: Developing feasible and structured research timelines.

White paper writing: Crafting authoritative reports to educate or persuade stakeholders on specific issues.

Policy brief writing: Summarizing research findings and recommendations for policymakers.

Speech writing: Creating impactful speeches for academic and professional occasions.

Blog post writing: Producing engaging and informative blog content for academic and professional blogs.

Literature gap analysis: Identifying gaps in the existing research that the thesis or dissertation can address.

Abstract writing: Summarizing research work effectively in concise abstracts.

Formatting for submission: Ensuring the thesis or dissertation meets the submission guidelines of the institution.

Publication assistance: Helping with the process of turning a thesis or dissertation into publishable articles.

Meta-analysis: Conducting statistical analysis of combined results from multiple studies.

Integrated review: Combining various types of literature (qualitative, quantitative) to provide comprehensive insights.

Rapid review: Providing a quick yet thorough review of available literature within a limited timeframe.

Bibliometric analysis: Analyzing and interpreting citation patterns and research trends.

User manual writing: Creating detailed and user-friendly manuals for academic software or equipment.

Case study writing: Documenting and analyzing real-life scenarios in professional and academic contexts.

Press release writing: Crafting professional press releases for academic achievements or events.

Additional Writing Services

Table and figure formatting: Ensuring tables, charts, and figures meet academic standards.

Cover page and abstract formatting: Creating professional and correctly formatted cover pages and abstracts.

Appendix formatting: Organizing and formatting supplementary materials correctly.

In-text citation formatting: Ensuring in-text citations follow the required academic style.

Letter of recommendation drafting: Assisting with writing effective letters of recommendation.

Interview preparation: Coaching students for admissions interviews through mock sessions and feedback.

Portfolio creation: Helping students compile and present academic and creative portfolios.

Application form review: Reviewing and refining application forms for accuracy and impact.

Response papers: Crafting detailed responses and critiques to academic articles, books, or lectures.

Reflection essays: Writing personal reflections on academic experiences or specific readings.

Critical analysis essays: Conducting critical examinations of texts, theories, or arguments.

Capstone project assistance: Supporting students in the completion of their final academic projects.

Citation management software assistance: Helping students use software like EndNote, Zotero, or Mendeley for managing citations.

Document conversion: Converting documents to different formats (PDF, Word, LaTeX) while ensuring formatting is retained.

Equation formatting: Assisting with the correct formatting of mathematical equations and symbols.

Header and footer formatting: Ensuring headers and footers are consistent and meet academic requirements.

Hypothesis formulation: Assisting with the development and articulation of clear research hypotheses.

Pilot study design: Helping design and plan pilot studies to test research methods.

Grant application support: Providing comprehensive assistance with grant application processes.

Collaborative research proposals: Supporting the development of proposals for joint or multi-disciplinary research projects.

Podcast scriptwriting: Creating engaging scripts for educational or informative podcasts.

E-book creation: Helping students compile and format e-books from their research or projects.

Virtual poster design: Designing academic posters for virtual or physical conference presentations.

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